Love Letter: Dear Life,


My Darling Life,

I forget myself and as time ticks on I wonder where do you go. You always know where I am going, the finale and everything that cascades in between. The American-Brit, with the famous eyes. I miss the days of seeing everything through the looking glass, blooming like a rose. Surviving now by looking over my shoulder and feeling older. There were spells when I doubted you and I assumed I’d be better off without. When did everything get so complicated?

Like the lullabies that were caroled in the shaping days of my youth, somehow it’s still those words that speak my truth. Nowadays I read horoscopes to tell me everything is going to be okay because my hope has turned to sand. Troubled by broken dreams, I believed in this life until my heart and soul was turned into a weapon of persistence.

This time I’ve decided to be self-righteous, lift my head and try again. Life, it is abundantly clear that you revive me again and again and nothing I write will ever be able to sum you up. Just when I forget where I have been, you remind me in the end you compose my verse and to linger onto my love, my life.


Britt xx

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