What is the reasoning as to why/how Be Still My Heart Blog began?

#BSMHB began in the wee hours of the night. I had dabbled with blogging in the past, specifically on subjects such as fashion, photography and the wide creative spectrum that the blogosphere had to offer.  Yet, when I was diagnosed with Stage IV Cancer, I knew I wanted to document my journey —  not only for myself, my family and friends, but also in hopes that my journey as a young adult cancer patient may be a resource for anyone who is also affected by the world of cancer. Be Still My Heart Blog is a living representation that a full LIFE, with style is still possible, despite your circumstances.

How was the name Be Still My Heart Blog created?

One of my all time favorite songs is called Be Still My Heart by The Postal Service. For some reason the lyrics have always resonated with me and when I was diagnosed, the song and it’s lyrics would not leave my mind. “And I thought, be still my heart.  This could be a brand new start…”

What direction is Be Still My Heart Blog headed?

Initially when #BSMHB was created, it was used as my very own periodical dedicated to cancer, as it felt like my new malady swallowed my world whole. Within that process, I realized the therapeutic advantages of writing about my experiences with being terminally ill.  Over time, as wonderful as it has been to be able to look back on everything I have been thinking and feeling since being diagnosed, there are also many other areas to my life, which until now has failed to be a part of this virtual hard drive for my brain and creativity.  Be Still My Heart Blog will now focus on a wide range of stimulating content including, but not limited to:

CANCER + Design + LIFESTYLE + LoveGoals + PHOTOGRAPHY + Projects + TRAVEL

What has Be Still My Heart Blog taught you since you began blogging in 2013?

It is not uncommon for me to take a trip down memory lane with some of my older posts and reflect on the crazy, colorful life I have led thus far.  But most of all, it has not only taught me, but shown me that where there was once insanity, now lies creativity.  Every post, every word and every picture has propelled Be Still My Heart Blog to become my own personal brand and represent the LIFESTYLE in which I live; the good, the bad and the extraordinary.

What is B.K.O. for #BSMHB?

B.K.O. are my initials and B.K.O. for #BSMHB is a series of words I have strung together and “noted” on my iPhone.  The idea being that I generate a quote/text/photo of the random writings I leave for myself, only to find them at a later date and share with all of you lovely people!

Do you work with brands, collaborate and/or do freelance work?

Yes — if you and/or your company is interested in working, collaborating, sponsoring or have any general questions, please contact: Be Still My Heart Blog Inquiries 

Why are you, you?

Read more on Be Still My Heart Blog to find out!  

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