One Thing After Another…

Well, the good news is that I have lost another twelve pounds and thirty-five since my diagnosis last July. Finally, I am getting back to my normal weight, slowly but surely. It’s now fun shopping in my own closet. Things that I was unable to fit in for the last two years now fit perfectly. It’s as though I have a whole new wardrobe. I am now more comfortable in my own skin; although I still have some more weight to lose it’s motivating to see the number on the scale dropping.

Since my diagnosis I have been trying to eat healthy for the most part, with the occasional treat. However, as of late my appetite has been non-existent. Living off of bananas and cuties (you know, those tiny tangelos). While it’s been nice shedding pounds, my body is rejecting all food and I am throwing up at least seven times daily. It’s becoming so frequent that throwing up has become a part of my daily routine and I can pretty much guarantee exactly when it’s going to happen. It has become so bad that I am paranoid to go out in public, for fear that I will be sick and not make it to a restroom on time.

I had a Doctor’s appointment with my Oncologist this past Monday and I was feeling so great that day, that I completely forgot and failed to mention my beyond frequent nausea and vomiting that has been occurring over the past month. We chatted about every other subject under the sun, yet it slipped my chemo infused mind that my seven time daily spewing was affecting my life in many ways and could not be a healthy side effect.

Once I remembered my failing to share the details of my recent hurling marathon, I called my Doctor to share the information out of sheer concern. My Doctor was shocked and concerned by the amount of times this is happening daily, especially considering I was not sick in this way during my twelve chemo rounds. In fact, I wasn’t once sick during chemo, as my only side effects were achy bones and fatigue. Of course, following my chemo I was diagnosed with “almost” debilitating neuropathy, which is slowly getting better as the days pass by. Initially, I thought that my throwing up may have to do with my neuropathy and thought that it had perhaps traveled to my esophagus. Clearly, I don’t have Dr. in front of my name, but I deemed myself a medical professional via WebMD.

When I expressed this to my Oncologist, she immediately ruled out any correlation to my severe neuropathy. I could hear in her voice the level of concern and hesitation on telling me the possibilities of my recurrent vomiting. After a moment or two of silence she explained that my symptoms were synonymous with having a brain tumor. A brain tumor? How could this be? Suddenly my day went from bad to worse and I felt as though the light at the end of the tunnel was quickly dimming.

After I digested the possible thought of having a brain tumor, my Doctor advised that she wants me to get a MRI of my brain immediately, along with another PET Scan, even though I had one less than a month ago. She went on to explain that if the MRI and PET came back negative, then the next step would be to see a Gastrologist.

Heaven knows that I have already been through hell and back over the last nine months. Suddenly my weight loss seemed so minor and the thought of my daily vomiting seemed scarier than ever. I have my MRI tomorrow afternoon at the hospital, then my PET Scan on Tuesday. In the meantime I will continue to keep my upbeat attitude in hopes that it is not related to a brain tumor. I ask that you all say a prayer for me for negative results and send all of your good vibes my way. As always thank you for the ongoing love and support. I couldn’t make it through without all of the kindness and encouragement that I constantly get from all of you. I will update as soon as I have more information. In the meantime, have yourself a fantastic weekend!

6 thoughts on “One Thing After Another…

  1. As much as cancer looks good on you, I’m praying that not only does this MRI scan bring you good news, but that you send cancer off a cliff with a flying leap! Love you and you’re ALWAYS in my prayers.


  2. Britsie I was happy to hear of the positive side effects. I willl be praying for your MRI and the results of that. I love you and wish you nothing but the best and am glad your Dr is proactive to take things into consideration and rule out things ❤ xoDolly


  3. Thinking of you Britt all ways .Spoke to Nan before so had a good chat Take care lots of love to you and yours G aunt Lil x x x


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