✔ Chemo Session #1- VLOG 8/28/2013

Today (8/28/2013), I had my very first chemo session.  It went much better than expected and I am happy to have this ball finally in motion.  Please enjoy the video “VLOG” that I put together from today’s experience!

[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/73360705 w=500&h=281]


Britt x

5 thoughts on “✔ Chemo Session #1- VLOG 8/28/2013

  1. Love you my BEAUTIFUL girl!! I’m so glad it went okay today. I was thinking of you. I did not know that you could get a massage during chemo. What a great plan to help you relax! I loved seeing the VLOG because I got to see you and hear you–still loving your short hair btw, makes your gorgeous eyes even bigger if that were possible! Love & Blessings, Judy xoxoxo…


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