Empathy vs. Sympathy

Recently, I saw this roaming around Facebook.  I couldn’t help but watch it, as this year more than ever I am learning the differences between empathy and sympathy.  Many people, including myself didn’t know how vastly variant the two simple words were and the actions behind them.  I’ve seen this more than ever since my cancer diagnosis, both empathy and sympathy, but didn’t know the core of the dissimilarity; but in retrospect feel that I personally connected more to the empathetic approach versus the sympathetic approach.  For me personally, empathy seems to feel more engaging and about trying to understand one’s experience, rather than draw the experience to that of their own.  It’s a good video and chart to better understand the distinguishing characteristics and how the choice of one versus the other may have an effect on the situation.

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What are YOUR experiences with empathy v. sympathy?  Please share! ♡


Britt x