Cancer & Reality TV⁈

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I awoke from a dead sleep last night, I sprung out of bed and immediately my mind began to race with thoughts of my future and my future endeavors.  It dawned on me that we live in a world of television shows like “16 and Pregnant”, “Teen Mom” and “True Life”.  Don’t get it twisted, I find those shows entertaining, a guilty pleasure of sorts and I get the value of attempting to bring awareness to teen pregnancy and young parenthood and as far as “True Life” is concerned, I enjoy watching True Life:  I’m a Sex Addict or True Life:  I’m Famous Online, but can you think of any specified reality/docu shows that cater to the community of Young Cancer Patients?  Doubtful.  Cancer is such a taboo subject, everyone knows about it, but not enough cancer patients bullhorn for charting that no one goes unaware of the disease, the risks that they are up against and the differentiating clamor that there is a variance between dying of cancer and LIVING with cancer.

That’s when the light bulb turned it’s incandescent electric upon me; I should pitch a Reality/Docu series that focuses on Young Cancer Patients and much like the shows listed above, attempt to bring value to the awareness and power that cancer may have on our lives.  Showcase the nitti gritty, the bold and the beautiful and all things that encompass a cancer diagnosis, particularly those diagnosed at a young age.  Highlight the vast battles and the tiny triumphs, the tears and the fears, the laughs and the cry’s.  This of course would be coupled with the day to day life of a young cancer patient, just like their “normal” fellow constituents that are out their trying to conquer the world one day at a time, one drama on the line and the difference between existing and LIVING.

Now, I know absolutely nothing about the world of television, except that I am a sucker for watching it.  However, with enough research and contacts, I hope that this night awakening idea can come into fruition.  Awareness, awareness, awareness.  If we can watch teen mom’s fight with their baby daddy and sex addicts go to Malibu rehab centers, then we can certainly view a twenty-something cancer patient fighting for life and the journey it takes to stay alive to learn, love, grow, observe and mainly bring light to a subject that is not on the forefront of our youth.

I cannot share the “Pitch” in which I have written, as I have to get a Patten from the Writer’s Guild of America, but if you or someone you know has any ideas or helpful information on how this process works, please share and contact me.  I will be eternally grateful.  Let’s do this together and make it happen!


Britt x