PET Scan Update 🐶

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I deemed the above quote necessary after my last, depressing post.  I heard back from my Doctor and she said that my PET scan came back relatively clear, with the exception to the ovary, in which was already a cause for concern, but not certain that it contained disease.  At this point, both she and the Radiologist think that the ovary merely has cysts from my fertility treatment that took place back in August.

Come Monday, I will have another Doctor’s appointment in which she will then test my tumor markers again, as well as an additional test called, CTC (Circulating Tumor Cells).  To my understanding, there are very few cancers that the CTC can detect, but Colon Cancer happens to be one of them, lucky for me.  So, that said, with the additional test, it should provide my Oncologist with further data to determine why the CT/PET scans and the tumor markers are reflecting such varying results.

Needless to say, I was pleased when she advised me that the PET scan did not have me showing like a light bright (remember those?!).  Anyway, thanks for all of the kind words, support, prayers and love through this whole process, particularly last week as my life reflected that of a wild roller coaster.

New post tomorrow on my experience with The Wellness Community in Phoenix, an affiliate of the Cancer Support Community.


Britt x