Long Boarding 101 🚸

Once a tiny little baby, with resembling Walter Matthau cheeks and now a lovely, brilliant young woman.  My babe of a baby sister inspired me yesterday.  The wise beyond her years thirteen year old lured me into her youthful domain for a minute and shared that she recently started to ride a long board.  Yes, as in a longer variant of a skateboard. This little thing, donning a shirt that reads “hugs and kisses”, in a corresponding hipster floral pattern, became a teenager and is exploring new things everyday, pushing herself beyond her limits.

I’m gabbing about a thirteen year old that is effortlessly clever, naturally gorgeous and then on top of it all, cooler than cool. Amongst several of the other nonchalant factors of my sister’s cool factor, learning that she added long boarding to her list of inventory made her jump even higher into the rad category.  In an effort to regain my youth, or cling to it rather, as my 28th Birthday is right around the corner, I bought myself a long board today and as my baby sister would say, we are now “#twinning”.

Being that I have an equally “sick” (as in coooool) husband, we headed for the park and Long Boarding 101 commenced.  Attempting to live by my list of “Life’s Too Short- 5 Things”, learning and trying something new served as just the right dose in providing me an extra bit of pure delight.

“To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.” – annonyms 


Britt x