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Hi lovlies,

So — #BSMHB was temporarily down.  Don’t ask why.  I still don’t understand myself, but the important thing is that we’re back up and running and meanwhile I had the chance to sort through my closet! Woohoo for purging and freeing up some space in my life.  YAS, honey.

With that said, my goal is to get some of these babies up on the site for sale this week.  So stay tuned.

Also, on a heavier note — chemo last week was a breeze and the easiest one to date.  Not so heavy after all.  I’ve been pretty sleepy, yet otherwise very happy with the way I’ve been feeling and sans over the porcelain thrown. 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

Check back for updates this week and enjoy this beautiful Sunday.


Britt x

Cancer is SO Last Season!


Cancer has opened my eyes to so many things over the past several months, but most of all it has taught me that people are genuinely good and the value of human kindness is immeasurable. I’ve been fortunate enough to make acquaintances with so many beautiful, kind and caring souls within the last year and with each fare, I have come to acknowledge and appreciate the practice of human kindness in this world.

Today I received a phone call in the middle of the day from Steve, which is not unusual, however he told me that we had somewhere to be at 5:30pm and to get myself together. Of course being impaired to any self-control or “secrets”, I was foaming at the mouth to know what was planned. All he was able to share with me was that someone reached out to him earlier in the morning and that there was a surprise waiting for me. As the afternoon went by, I was running through anything that it could be and whom was behind this so-called surprise.

Shortly after Steve arrived home from work, we left the house and soon after arrived at the destination. As we pulled up, I was completely puzzled as to why we were at the particular destination, but thought it was perhaps a stop on the way. He held my hand as we approached the door of VOX, a local store that is full of vintage and vintage inspired items, as well as home to my recent obsession. I had been to the store a handful of times since discovering it a few months prior. Each time I visit the store I love it more and more and drool over certain things that I MUST have. Being a bit of a spendy shopper, I have been trying to downsize my addiction in lieu of having to pay off medical bills and the bills of every day life.

As I walked into the store, Tricia handed me a bag, which had written on it, “Cancer is SO last season!” I couldn’t believe this was my surprise; I was so touched and shocked. I opened up the bag and removed the purple tissue to find a clear clutch that I had been lusting after for the last month or so. Tricia proceeded to congratulate me on my recent remission news and said how inspired she and the store were by my story and journey through cancer. This was hands down the utmost and ultimate gift and I will always remember the thoughtfulness every time I wear my new clutch.

It goes without saying that I am extremely thankful for such a kind act, but moreover I am resonated with the fact that in the end only kindness matters.

Thank you, Tricia and VOX for making me smile from ear to ear. I am a forever customer of your lovely shop.


Love, Britt x

Empathy vs. Sympathy

Recently, I saw this roaming around Facebook.  I couldn’t help but watch it, as this year more than ever I am learning the differences between empathy and sympathy.  Many people, including myself didn’t know how vastly variant the two simple words were and the actions behind them.  I’ve seen this more than ever since my cancer diagnosis, both empathy and sympathy, but didn’t know the core of the dissimilarity; but in retrospect feel that I personally connected more to the empathetic approach versus the sympathetic approach.  For me personally, empathy seems to feel more engaging and about trying to understand one’s experience, rather than draw the experience to that of their own.  It’s a good video and chart to better understand the distinguishing characteristics and how the choice of one versus the other may have an effect on the situation.

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What are YOUR experiences with empathy v. sympathy?  Please share! ♡


Britt x


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In mathematics, twenty-eight is known as a perfect number.  It does not define itself with an aliquot number, but rather a harmonic devisor number.  Today, I am twenty-eight.  With adequate reason, I found myself unsure that I would live to see twenty-eight, as twenty-seven proved to be a monumental query of my impermanence.

When I turned twenty-seven, I aged without a worry in the world; a defiance that beseeched life and the way I was living it.  When I pictured twenty-eight, I envisioned myself continuing on the same path that I had for so long; working the regular 9-5, surrounding myself with the same people, wavering at the thought of starting a family and enjoying the last few years of my twenties.  Unlike my visualization, my foresight could not have been further from actuality.

As I turn twenty-eight, I am not mourning the loss of my early twenties, or the thought of getting older or getting closer to my thirties.  Contrariwise, I am embracing this Birthday, unlike any other Birthday that came before it.  I am happy to be maturing and  welcoming the blessing of a Birthday means that I have survived yet another year of life.  Mid-way through age twenty-seven, I was unsure that come November 5th, I’d be here to accept twenty-eight with gratitude and awareness as to just how precious life can be.

So, as I enter my twenty-eighth year on this glorious planet I wish many things for myself and others.  I wish for happiness, rooted not in materialism, but in self-reliance and gratitude.  I wish for success, determined by how I affect those around me, above me and especially beneath me.  I wish to never relinquish curiosity and wonder at the world, along with the wide-eyed amazement to replenish the process as I “grow up”.  I wish for perseverance for a never-ending making of a better tomorrow.  I wish to never forget the value of empathy, imagination and compassion.  I wish for many wide and deep experiences that shake up my supposed beliefs, my supposed fears and my supposed success.  I welcome hardships, but appropriated with resilience and ultimately, I wish for love and health for my loved ones and myself.  Cheers to another Birthday…twenty-eight, here I am. 🎉


Britt x