Don’t be an “ⒶⓈⓀⒽⓄⓁⒺ”

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By way of my zodiac sign, the Scorpio, I am an overly intense person, arguably to a fault.  There is no middle ground for me, no grey area of truths or untruths and an unvarnished knack for being a straight shooter.  You will always know where you stand with me, which is a blessing and a curse, with a liability all of my own.  I say what I say and I mean what I mean.  Sometimes though, I don’t know when to sojourn and let go of things I cannot control.

Habitually, I am an ASKHOLE (a new term I just learned from the interweb).  An “askhole” is someone that asks for advise and goes against it nonetheless.  So, yours truly, the resident “askhole” has a cumbersome relationship with being overly self-reliant and constantly preferring to look to myself for the answers.  While that may sounds like a respectable trait, I have found that more recently in my endeavor with soul searching, I need to let things marinate before inciting a reaction from my whip of a tongue.  I believe in the world of balance and any unwelcoming balances, brings out the penetrating behaviors of my unleashing star sign.

As most people set out for New Year resolutions, I am opting to make my resolutions a little earlier.  For starters, I must begin by continuing to be authentic and true to myself.  After all, if you can’t keep it real with yourself, then how can you expect to deliver that within relationships that you hold outside of yourself.    By staying true to you, does not deem you to be a selfish person, but rather a wise person that realizes the investment you have in yourself will manifest it’s way into important relations you carry with others.  We must demonstrate a set of our own standards and follow our own road in life, in an effort to live peacefully with ourselves and those we surround ourselves with.

Second to that, we are hardwired to perceiving and especially holding on to negativity in our lives.  This in and of itself is like a cancer, but unlike the real BIG C, this type of “life cancer”, as I call it,  festers and boils over into other capacities of our day to day lives.  I am going to begin focusing on smelling the roses, as opposed to dwelling on a conversation or experience that turned into a negative one.  Studies show that it takes five positive occurrences to negate one negative manifestation.  It takes 99% more effort to inhabit negative thoughts, than it does to harbor positivity.  Learning to let go, will allow you to grow.  Make room for the positivity and by letting things go, will sanction supplementary room for the good things your life has to offer itself.

By grooming yourself to let go of the old and invite the new, the balance in your life will become restored, whether it is fear, judgment, relationships or material possessions.  Letting go may be a slow process, but I plan to start as of now.  In addition, I am setting the standard for myself to let go of the things that cannot be controled, welcoming the triumphs that cannot be measured and hold on to the people and things that make me happy.  Moreover focus on the close confidants and comrades in your life, hold onto the people you love, LISTEN to them and take their advice.  After all, you wouldn’t want to be dubbed an “ASKHOLE”.

1. Letting go of fear

2. Letting go of old relationships

3. Letting go of grief

4. Letting go of loved ones

5. Letting go of disappointments

6. Letting go prejudice

7. Letting go of material possessions

8. Letting go of depression

9. Letting go of abuse

10. Letting go of negative energy

11. Letting go of addictions

12. Letting go of ego


Britt x