Hello, my shining moonbeams. It’s been a minute. Within that minute I have entered what I feel to be a new phase in my life, a freeing phase that is catapulted by happiness. For nearly a month, I spent time across the pond and rediscovered my life and the things I want out of it.

To start off, wow. Can I just say – I LOVE ENGLAND! I’ve always known that and I had been there times before, but this time felt different. As most of you know, if you follow my story, I have been on travel lock down since my cancer diagnosis in the summer of 2013. By nature I am a jetsetter. I enjoy being in unknown places, without being attached to my “real” life and the troubles within. When I travel, there is a certain romance to it, a freedom that allows you to be whomever you want and for me, that is living without a terminal illness. I’m able to go back to being me; an adventurer with thirst in my blood for worldly experiences. When I was diagnosed, I felt that one of the biggest losses to having cancer was the fact that I could no longer be as free as I wished to be. My citizen of the world passport would no longer apply and I’d be stuck doing treatment after treatment without an escape. My escape had become writing. If I were no longer going to be able to leave and experience life, then I’d write about it, which I have.

This year, 2015, I vowed to myself that it would be different than the last two, that I would yet again spread my wings and live a little. In the beginning of the year I approached my Doctor and pleaded for some independence from my chemotherapy week after week, to which she obliged and advised that 2015 could be my year of travel with chemo squeezed in between. It was the best news I had heard in quite some time and immediately booked a trip to Hawaii with Steve-O and planned the trip for Nan and I go travel to the UK together to attend my beautiful cousin’s wedding and share laughs and love with the family over there that we don’t get to see often enough.

The trip was so important to me and I wanted to ensure that I soaked everything in. My Nan in her very own way was my wish-granting factory, as she made the trip happen. Being that we were returning to her home town, I was fortunate enough to visit her previous homes, where she grew up, the house she was born in, the hospital she had my Mum and Auntie Bev in, where my Granddad went to college, where the two of them were married and so much more. Being able to experience England through her eyes was more than my hearts desire and something I will never be able to thank her enough for.

There were endless amounts of stories, laughs, fish and chips, tea and best of all time with family on both my Nan’s side and my Granddad’s side.   My roots are in full force over there and it was lovely to get to know that side of myself so much more. The posh wedding of my cousin, which we attended, has built memories that will last a life time, as well as traveling to Chester, Liverpool and all over the Wirral with my cousin’s and their other halves, of course also visiting London with the best company and seeing each and every friend and family member. Howls were had, love was expressed and England will forever hold the key to my heart. Quite literally, as Nan and I locked our love on Albert Dock in Liverpool and threw the key into the River Mersey. Our loved ones can continue to visit us in Liverpool, even though we may not physically be there, our spirit will always remain.

Since I’ve been back I have been reliving each moment in my head and finding it difficult to write about. My time spent there was so special, that it is difficult to express. I feel rejuvenated and feel I have a new sense of direction for my life.   Suddenly gears have started moving upon my return and from that, fresh goals have emerged. I’m super excited about the future and what it holds and as things get closer, I’ll share more deets.

In the meantime, check out some photos from my trip and watch out for some upcoming projects and collabos. Big Kiss x.

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Love, Britt x

Like Watson Loves Sherlock…


Growing up with a realist viewpoint on relationships, I was never into mushy-gushy romances. I grew up with strong women around me, preaching that you don’t need a man to feel loved, beautiful or smart. It so happens that I felt all of those things on my own. By nature, I am Scorpio – needless to say, I am very passionate about most things and extremely independent. As a child, I could not have imagined the feeling I’d have of love from my future partner and as it would turn out he exceeded my expectations.

It seems like a lifetime ago that I met my now husband. Within the spectrum of six years, we’ve had our blissful moments of being young and in love, as well down on our luck, scraping for rent money and arguing over what now seems so silly. There was a certain innocence to our early days, both with hearts that were wild and free. My new boyfriend, fresh out of the military and myself, a go-getter and a good time, we shared an instant connection and within a matter of days after meeting, we were an instantaneous team. We were like minded in may ways, both independent and cultured, we shared our travel stories that came before one another and bonded over a variety of things that stimulated us in this world. We knew we wanted to make our way to a life worth living and together at that.

Undoubtedly as time passed and our “honeymoon” stage came to an end, we learned more about what made us tick, living habits and moved in together and shared a small place that we called home. Over the course of what I call, “Part I”, we encountered many twists and turns and the growing pains of where our relationship was headed.

Two short years after being in a relationship, we felt it was time we took our bond to the next level; marriage. Our engagement was stressful, we fought like cats and dogs and it was fair to say that people were questioning our union. Although hectic and demanding, we made it through our engagement and had a shit show of a wedding (yes, it was a shit show). However, none of that mattered because all that stood out on that day and every day thereafter, was the fact that my hand was in his hand and our souls were jointly on fire. If only we knew then what we know now. Our lives took a sharp turn when a year into our marriage, I was diagnosed with Stage IV Colon Cancer at age 27.

I read an article the other day that inspired me to write this, as Steve and I are on a journey that we never expected, much like many other forks in the road, but this time it was life and death. Steve at the age of 28 had to take on a responsibility that didn’t seem possible in the marriage clause. Yet, from day one he managed to take the bull by the horns and build me into the warrior he always knew I was. Making it his personal mission to assist me in getting well, there were many sacrifices that had to be made. We had it all, lost it all and slowly he’s working tirelessly to ensure that we have whatever we desire, but most of all, health.

What I’ve realized is that Steve doesn’t shower me with compliments on a daily basis and sometimes his sarcasm goes too far. There are days when I’m too tired or lazy to get out of bed and he holds me accountable. At times he makes me get out of the house despite how poorly I feel, just so I can get some fresh air and a little sunshine. And other times, he is so into watching Discovery Channel that he doesn’t glance up when I walk out of a room. We shift and we shape and marriage isn’t always made up of kisses, flowers and dreamy gazes into each other’s eyes. Instead, it’s about being real with one another, loyalty and having the best interest of yourself and your partner, as a unit.

Life since being with Steve has been far from perfect. We love hard, we fight hard and by no means is our life sensationalized. We’ve had down right shit times and then the simplest of moments can bring us pure ecstasy. We are each other’s echo through everything in life and when you strip away all of the “things”, love still holds no bounds.

Out of our six-year relationship, the past two years have been my favorite. Of course it may sound sullen, as I have been battling cancer for the last two years, yet we have formed an even closer, fiercer, unbreakable declaration to walk through this life together. We have had the best and worst of each other and at the end of the day, I chose it all. I believe in my husband and he has without a doubt shown his very own belief in me, his warrior. The rest of our lives may be trying and forgiving, but we’ll always be in it together.

Thank you, Steve for being the biggest pain in my ass and my best friend, forever. I love you like Watson loves Sherlock.

Love, Britt x

Fear is for Jerks.

Lets do this

As this busy week begins, I have the opposite of world problems running through my mind. What am I going to wear to my dear friend’s Birthday dinner on Friday? Or, the semi buyer’s remorse for the small fortune that I spent at Urban Outfitters over the weekend and how I am going to get my hair done come tomorrow with my Stylist. Though, on Tuesday night, after I have watched The Real Housewives of Orange County (RHOC) and rest my head on the pillow, I’ll know that it’s a must to set my alarm for 7:30am so I can begin my 2.0 crossing with chemotherapy. That’s right, my cancer is active again and in my absence from keeping up with the blog, I’ve been balancing out my mental happiness that has returned, along with the pains of knowing in my gut, cancer has once again preceded me.

I’ve been an awful blogger, plain and simple. But, in my late nonappearance of cancer, also came an absenteeism of my happiness, as I have written about in past blogs. Consequently, I have spent the last few months showing all too well that I am human and the core of my humanism has awkwardly been present. This being from losing my $#!^ and checking myself in and out of a psychiatric ward, flying off the handle at my poor husband and ultimately, foolishly, considering to off myself due to the deep blues after my first year battling cancer and treatment came to a head. Fortunately, after a couple of very long and grueling months, I found myself on the other side of the blues and in due course created my own hues of sunshine and rainbows. Beginning with myself, I searched deep within me to find my bliss. I thought deeply about the things that made me sad and tried to find ways to change them.

It’s been rather difficult for me to be inspired to write my blog as of late. Perhaps it is because I have been too busy living my life out in the world and the thought of spending my time behind a computer screen seemed less attractive. Yet, I am sure that in the coming months, with my second bout of chemotherapy, I will have oodles to discuss. Assuming my experience this time around will be similar, I will hopefully skate by without losing any of my hair, avoid having an intimate relationship with the porcelain thrown and my gag reflexes and still be able to maintain my new found satisfaction with life, as well as upholding my social life, for that is truly what keeps me pepped up. Without fail, I know that I will be sluggish, tender and additionally will have to avoid my unconditional bond with popsicles, including anything cold for that matter.

This go around, I know what to expect. I am not frightful, nor am I weary of the side effects. In fact, I was discussing my dread for chemo with my “A” (Allison) and she had asked what was different about this time and why I had used the word dread. My response was a few things; not being able to color my hair regularly due to the chemicals and chemo not agreeing with one another, the fact that I will not be able to go on my BIG trip abroad come September and lastly, in a less vain sense comparatively, a second stint of chemo will most likely leave me even less fertile, therefore my chances of biologically having a baby are becoming even more slim. Clearly there are certainly negative results with going back on chemotherapy and it was a difficult decision for my lovely and brilliant Oncologist to make. The woman in charge of my quality of life fears that by once again starting chemotherapy, I won’t be able to revel in the young years of my life. Yet, in spite of everything considered, without going back on chemotherapy per my Oncologist’s recommendation, I may not have a life to continue. It’s become very apparent that cancer is not exiting my life, nor will it ever. However, to whatever degree, I see the positive in all of this and can only hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

Lately, I have been having dreams of death, flashes in my head during the waking hours and yet again; death has become something that is at the forefront of my mind. My goal is to remain a fugitive of passing and fight with all of my might to once again gain control over the beast inside of me; my worst enemy. I may not ever be able to fully escape cancer and that I have accepted, but perhaps I will continue to remain in attack mode to truly find out why and what the purpose of all of this is. Within the last year I have learned a ton about myself, as I have shared with you in the past, but nonetheless, that was merely the early days of my laborious journey.

As things move forward, I will share my thoughts, feelings and everything in between as I did before. It will be interesting to see the similarities and differences in my second trek, viruses my first virgin chemotherapy experience. In my best attempt I will remain fearless, as fear is for jerks. Please continue to send good vibes my way as I battle this out, again. Thank you for always providing support and lifting me up in the most difficult periods of my life. I am blessed with a wonderful family, adoring husband and the best of friends. Despite cancer, life doesn’t get much better than this.

Peace and love, always.

Love, Britt x

Summertime Playlist

Music has really been my saving grace, well, since forever. I put together some of my favorite tunes that I’ll be jamming to all summahhh long!

Hope you dig!

PS- New blog post tomorrow about my one year Cancerversary on 07/01!

Love, Britt x


To My Sunshine…Happy Birthday ☼






Love, Britt x