One Week 🎥

Without getting to review-ish on you, I watched a fantastic movie last night with the one and only Pacey Witter from Dawson’s Creek.  Pacey, or Joshua Jackson as I am sure he prefers to be called, has grown up to be a stunningly handsome man and an even better actor since his Creek days.

The movie called One Week, starring Jackson portrays a man who just found out about his terminal cancer and sets off on a motorbike journey across Canada heading for the west coast.   I felt like it was an accurate representation of the emotions that a cancer patient goes through, particularly finding out that it is incurable.  Jackson’s character realizes the unimportance of material items and simply wants to be in touch with nature and the freedom that being on  the road may bring.

I swear I read and watch things unrelated to cancer.  You know, the occasional Seinfeld re-run, Real Housewives of “Everywhere” and even at times Duck Dynasty with Steve, along with the frequent rom-com.  But, you know, this cancer ordeal kind of takes over and you become entranced with finding anything or anyone that you can relate to.  That said, One Week was fantastic, whether you are battling cancer or not.  Besides, who doesn’t like a little Pacey Witter in their life?

Other films related to cancer that have been great 

  • 50/50
  • A Little Bit of Heaven
  • My Sister’s Keeper
  • Not Suitable for Children
  • The Fault in Our Stars (coming soon to theatres- book is awesome!)


Britt x

Crazy Sexy Cancer


This evening I viewed a documentary with Steve that was referred to me by one of my most cherished friends, Melissa.  Melissa is my mirror when it comes to being spiritually like-minded.  Regarding the metaphysical, I believe Melissa to be one of the most in-tune, well adjusted people I know.  Being that I have a wide range of friendships in my life, each one lending themselves in different ways, I know I can always count on Melissa to understand me from a spiritual perspective and provide insights as to her beliefs and knowledge, as well.

Per my brilliant friend, she suggested that I watch a documentary made by Kris Carr, called Crazy Sexy Cancer.  Immediately after Melis made the recommendation, I began researching the documentary.  You see, I have a wonderful team of Doctor’s that is behind me, ensuring that all of the necessary measures are taken to cure me of my Stage 4 colon cancer, to rid me of all of the cancerous cells remaining and ultimately put me back together; physically.  But, what about mentally?

The Doctor’s are doing a wonderful job of making certain that all of my cancer related questions do not go unanswered, however, I am now finding that I am searching for a way to maintain quality of life.  To ensure that my time on this earth is not all spent battling cancer, but also LIVING, as per my previous posts have outlined.  How can I build, or, re-build, rather my quality of life and actually walk the walk instead of talk the talk.  That my friends, is what I am rifling for.

Crazy Sexy Cancer is a documentary filmed and directed by Kris Carr, which premiered in 2007 at SXSW.  Kris began her journey with cancer at the age of 31, in 2003 and decided to brave the elements and share her story with the world.  Carr’s specific type of cancer was so rare that literally 0.01% of the population has it.  During her epic journey to recovery, Carr allows viewers to witness her impending emotional expedition, which brings an array of different emotions and stages into view.  Not only does she showcase her remarkable, awe-inspiring chronicles, she manages to tell the accounts of four additional women fighting cancer, as well.

While the documentary was certainly informative, it really spoke to me on another level.  I was able to relate to Carr and the other valiant women on so many levels, even in my short period of time of having cancer.  All in pursuit of finding a cure for her illness, Carr explored all avenues of alternative medicine and forms of healing, even dubbing herself a “healing junkie”.  Many times throughout the film I wished that I could insert a flash-drive into my brain with all of the inspiring material that Carr and the other young women imparted.  Most of all, what I was able to take away from this incredible documentary was that cancer is not a death sentence, but rather a life sentence.  Each of the women chose to be pioneers of their life and their story.  Thanks to my fellow spiritual sponge and noble friend, Melissa, I was able to capture a glimpse of how other strong women have fought cancer and within that I have found boundless peace.

Love you, Melis! x

“Live like you mean it!” – Kris Carr

Please check out Kris Carr’s amazing story via her website at