Happy Thanksgiving! 🍗

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As we approach the Holiday’s and as we close the month of “thanks”, I now more than ever feel gratitude for so many things, which unlike before I took for granted.  The preceding year has undoubtedly been full of challenges, tests and trials and with each there has been a lesson to be learned and ultimately a greater sense of self and an appreciation for life, including the struggles.  Without which, I would have never been able to get through without the everlasting and abiding support of my ardent family and friends.  I realize that as long as each and every one of them are in existence, I will know what it is to love and be loved, without fail, question or any expectations.

Not but four short months ago my life was forever changed by my cancer diagnosis.  As I have said before in previous notions, I would not change the way things are for anything in the world.  Sadly, it took getting cancer for me to really see things clearly.  Here are some of the things I have learned and have respectively become grateful for through the means of my lucidity and my prognosis.

1)   Each day is a blessing.  Whether you choose to hike Mt. Everest or spend a lazy day in bed; be thankful for the day that was granted to you and enjoy it to the hilt.

2)   You can’t win everyone over.  But when you weigh the amount of friends and family that you have, against the few people that may not like you…it seems incredibly minuscule.  Focus on the positive people in your life and don’t let the negative in and be grateful to those for allowing you to uncover the blind spots so you could become a better person.

3)   Through my chemo, there are intermittent times when I lose my motor skills and ability to speak.  Having the gift of gab, this was and is a huge thing for me.  I am eternally appreciative for the ability to be able to speak and speak my mind at that.

4)   My heart.  Not just because it is full of love and laughter but also because I had a great scare that I may have heart failure and never valued the most important organ in my body before now.  My heart has pumped blood into every part of my body since I was born and has allowed me the gift of being ALIVE and to feel everything that life has to offer.

5)   The beautiful surroundings that we have; the sun, the moon, the sky, the green grass and the air we breathe each day.  To live in a world so beautiful, we should feel so lucky.

6)   The Internet…I know this sounds so silly, but it is truly an amazing invention.  The interweb allows me to share my story and my journey through cancer.  Without which, I would not have an outlet and ability to connect with so many wonderful people who are either inspired by my story, or inspire me through their own trials and tribulations. Connecting with other like-minded individuals is the bees knees.  Thank you, Vint Cerf and the other Founding Fathers of the Internet, you are simply genius.

7)   Health Care Professionals.  What can I say?  I have the BEST team of Doctors, who put my health first and foremost and for showing me that despite my health pitfalls; I can live a quality life beyond compare.

8)   Travel…for letting me see the wanderlust of the world, different cultures and making amazing memories.

9)   My husband, Steve.  He’s a total babe and has defined our relationship by the way he shows his love and continuous encouragement, day in and day out, without a single complaint.  He treats me “normal” and for that, I love him all the more.

10)  Life and life’s challenges.  Life, for experiencing all that I am experiencing and for all of the experiences to come, including the challenges that have taken place and will continue to allow me to grow and become the person I am meant to be.

On that note, Happy Thanksgiving.  Thank you for going on this ride with me and may you and yours enjoy a wondrous Turkey Day.  Now lets all stuff the turkey with Xanax so we can have the most relaxing Thanksgiving Day, ever!


Britt x