Color Your World: #DIY Lipstick 💋


I feel by this point, if you are following along on my journey, then you are aware that I am the least domestic person on the face of the planet.  Outside of interior decor, nothing else interests me in “home making” —  cooking, cleaning, or anything else that involves “domestic duties”.  The kitch is definitely not my bitch and the only time I spend time in that general vicinity is if I am up in the night, pacing due to my erratic insomnia.

Recently I have been indulging in the new trend of adult coloring books.  Many family members and friends have gifted them to me to help fill my time, while I’m bound to my bed during chemo.  With that I now I have a new collection of crayons and colored pencils.  Something I haven’t owned for years upon years. Yet, they’ve come in handy when I’ve needed to delve into my focus zone and color the day away.  But, a month or so ago during one of my insomniac episodes, I decided I’d try to make “colorful” lipstick out of some of the said crayons.

Does that count as a domestic, being that it involves the kitchen?  

Either way, I was very pleased with my little midnight DIY result, for incorporating funky lippie colors into my world and I want to bring color into yours as well!


What you will need:

♡  Crayons

♡  Coconut Oil

♡  Pot/Pan

♡  Small Bowl


♡  Cut and peel crayon(s)

♡  Add water to pot or pan and heat on low

♡  Place bowl in pot of water

♡  Add coconut oil and chopped crayon of desired color to the bowl

♡  Stir until melted completely

♡  Place directly in small container (with cap), allow your new to lippie harden



“Color your world with the chaos of trouble…” – Belle and Sebastian 


Britt x


Holiday decor for the timely challenged, like myself, has recently left me feeling blah about getting in the spirit of all things merry and bright.  With surgery being two weeks ago, I had every intention of decorating prior to my operation.  But lets be real, that did not happen.   We realized that our tree, sparkly things and fancy disco DIY garlands made from previous years, were in our storage unit, along with our hoards of vintage furniture. And so it goes and here we are. No big deal, you might say. But, in typical Steve and Britt fashion, we lost the key to the unit.

So, from personal experience — it is possible to spread a little holiday magic dust around your house, by using non-traditional item.

We did just that.




I’m a sucker for collecting interesting candle holders — particularly the ones from local shops where the glass is recycled, reused and repurposed.  Once the original candle is dead over alive, I simply put ice in it, set it in the freezer for the day, remove in from the freezer, flip it upside down, leaving the remnants fall right out.  From there the glass holders can be a versatile piece of decor around your home.  For the holidays, I placed two sparkly, red candles in some of my favorite recycled holders.  With the S. Pellegrino as a green backdrop and the red candles gives in their new homes, our house has a little holiday representation on our bar cabinet.


Holiday Wreath

What can I say?  I’m also a sucker for some succulents and decided to turn  an “every day occasion” wall decoration into a beautiful, silver and gold door “wreath”.  Once the holidays have come and gone, I will be able to continue to use the succulent hanging by simply removing the poinsettias and ornaments.  Dingdong!   HOLIDAYDIY + SUCCULENTS + COST EFFICIENCY.  Sounds like a year round embellishment knocking on the door.


Zoila Christmas Dress

Dress up your pup.  I would have never imagined in a squillion years I’d be that lady.  You know, the ones who dress up their dogs. And in Christmas costumes at that.  BUT, I surrender.  I’m officially that girl and I have accepted it.  How could I not?  Red sequins, a white fur collar — all on an adorable, seventeen week, mini-sausage dog.  She would make even the Grinch feel a sense of holly jolly.

Although, Zoi hates me and this dress.  FACT.


Plamtree Lights

In our home, we are all about having bits of greenery year round.  We live behind a beautiful Japanese garden and get an amazing amount of sunshine through the glass doors and terrace of our condo.  Since living here, we have had many indoor plants to give our space an indoor/outdoor vibe.  Throwing a string of lights on one of your larger,sturdier plants that you already own will give that instant glow  and charm of Christmas.  Thus giving you all the holiday feels. A bonus is that you can save a tree, time, money and energy all in the name of a winter celebratory decor.


Holiday Cookies

I’d vote that I’m the least domestic person in the world.  I don’t cook, bake and I am sure that if I did, people would be running for the hills.  Not that I can blame them, but there is something about Christmas cookies. Perhaps it’s the everlasting memories of  my Mum making her famous sugar cookies’; the cookies that I look forward to all year.  Although the cookies above are not my Mum’s, or mine for that matter, I purchased a cheap dozen of grocery store cookies and placed them on a cake stand and on display on the counter.  The visual of something that is season relevant can bring an inexpensive, cheery and dare I say delicious touch.


Take little ornaments and place them on some of your every day home accessories.  Above I found the Christmas ornaments we received as our first year as Mr. and Mrs. Ochoa.  Sentimental value holds no bounds and warms you to the core when thinking back on fond memories of Christmases past.


Britt x

Looking Good Means Feeling Better…💄

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  What one-person finds beautiful, another may not.  Beauty in things and people only exists in the mind that contemplates them.  I recently wrote a post about my freak accident in my DIY hair coloring experience and the loss of some of my hair.  Even though I was aware that using harsh chemicals during chemotherapy treatment was a huge “no-no”, my vanity prevailed me and I went ahead and dyed my hair despite the consequences that it may have.  I spent the remainder of that evening criminalizing myself over my vaingloriousness and my lack of consideration for my actions.

Finally after degrading myself to a self-proclaimed narcissist, I found my bravado and said to hell with it.   I realized it wasn’t a crime or a sin to crave making myself feel enhanced.  When one feels decent about themselves, particularly during chemotherapy, when there are so many exterior side effects, does not mean that they don’t deserve to feel fabulous on the outside while their insides are waging a war.

Clearly chemotherapy does a number on your interior, but the impacts that it has on your exterior can really do a number on your self-esteem.  It can range from hair loss, to fingernail loss, to dry, rashy and irregular pigmentation on your skin.  Of course not every person battling chemo has the same effects, but lately I have been noticing my skin has been the greatest target in the bull’s-eye that chemo goes after.

There was once a time when I wouldn’t leave the house without a full face of makeup.  Makeup was my safety net, my camouflage against the flaws I thought I had and that others would observe.  Once I was diagnosed with cancer and began chemotherapy, I noticed that I no longer cared about going out in public with a makeup-less face.  So be it if people didn’t find me visually appealing due to my lack of being gussied up.  I barely had the energy to get out of bed, let alone put myself together.  As time went on, I noticed that it was liberating to not feel the need to put makeup on for the sake of others, but in the same regard, I realized that getting ready made me feel better about myselfWhen I was dolled up, I felt less sick, at least from the outside.  I grasped that I couldn’t trivialize myself for wanting to keep up my appearance during illness. In fact, it gave me all the more ump to get up and look my best.  Now when I go to chemotherapy sessions, I make it my mission to look like a million bucks.

However, more recently the cause and effect of chemo has bequeathed itself upon my poor skin.  For a period of time I was going monthly to get facials and when filling out the paperwork where “health conditions” was required, I would hesitantly write “cancer” .  Once  they were aware of my condition, I was treated as though I had the plague and they were resistant on touching me with a ten foot pole.  Taking matters into my own hands, I decided that the commonly dark under eye circles, dry skin and irregular pigmentation was something I would have to tackle myself.  I began researching things that help to revive skin when going through chemo.  There are three key ingredients, SPF, creamy face wash with minimal chemicals and zero alcohol and a dewy daily and nightly moisturizer.  All things Aveno became my new best friend and go-to for my entire facial needs.  After some time, I slowly began to see results that my skin was coming back to life.  While I still have the dark under eyes from the chemo effects, my skin has become less dry and I overall feel better about myself with or without makeup because of my skin care rituals.

My point is, one must do what makes them feel good.  Whether it is being makeup free or putting on a full face, chemo girls must find what is right for them and do just that.  Beauty can be a very ambiguous term, but the way I see beauty is by being balanced from the inside out.  The makeup and skin regimen just helps me feel a little bit better about myself and allows me to confidently fight back against this cancer.  After all, the cancer is an epic battle and I will win it, with my full face of makeup on.  Looking good, means feeling better…💋

PS-  I recently read a great book called, “Beauty Pearls for Chemo Girls” written by Marybeth Maida and Debbie Kiederer, with a foreword by Betsey Johnson.  The writers are cancer survivors that first handedly saw the effects that chemo can have on one’s self-esteem with regards to feeling beautified.  This book provides TONS of advice as far as what to do about skin care, makeup, hair loss and stylish tips for those battling cancer and chemotherapy. 

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Britt x