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Goodbye Amex, Thanks for the Memories ♡

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It is a bittersweet day for me today, as I have resigned from American Express.  At the ripe age of nineteen, I began working for Amex and essentially grew up in the confines of a fortune 500 Company and Corporate America.  Conversely, it felt as though I was working at a family business, as Amex quickly became my home and my peers became my work family.

Through the years I have held many positions, had fantastic leaders and peers alike and learned things that could not be taught inside of classroom walls.  This year, I would be coming up on my ten year anniversary with the Company.  TEN YEARS; which means I have spent all of my twenties with American Express.  The funny thing is, even though I was always the youngest within each specified position, I was treated with nothing but respect and age gaps proved to be irrelevant.  Some of the most amazing relationships have come out of working with American Express, as well as mentorships and terrific networking across the board.

It was an extremely hard-hitting decision to make, but I realized that I have to focus on my health and myself in 2014.  Presumably, if I were to ever find myself looking for another corporate job (if writing doesn’t pan out), I know in my heart that Amex will always be there.

It’s certainly a grim pill to swallow.  If you had asked me nine months ago if I would enjoy a permanent vacation, I would have said yes without question.  However, it would be based on my own volition, not the result of my health status quo.

American Express will always have a place in my heart and it is a chapter of my life that will jump off the pages for years to come.  As I close this chapter, another one awaits and I can’t wait to see how it all falls into place.


Britt x