Medical Marijuna Awareness 

Today I had two anti medical Marijuna people express their feeling on the drug as a being a lo-life scum and I think they’re so wrong as I personally reap the benefits of it as  I battle Stage IV Colon Cancer every single day of my life. I want that to bring the realness of every aspect to Colon Cancer awareness and education, as well as being represented to share the journey.

Here are some perfect tips to show life a result way.

1) Ask questions, be the addresser and make yourself grow higher on the benefits.

2) Insomnia

3) Nesusea

4) Pain

5) Spasms

6) Anxiety


8) Depression

9) Appetite

10) Caner patients

If you break it down that it doesn’t seem so taboo.  I’m sick of feeling sick. It helps so much for Colon Cancer awareness.

Let’s discuss what your feeling about #medicalmarihuana ? Yay or nay. Let’s talk and try to understand each other!  💕😇💉🌿

Love, Britt x