Caboodle Spring Cleaning: Cure Diva

54ec6ff6731ffb6e3353b696b4e65565Beauty and cancer are two things that don’t tango very well together, particularly when chemotherapy is in the mix.  When you are being poisoned week after week, it’s no wonder that your skin gets dry, your cuticles scream for mercy and perhaps the chemicals in your makeup might not mix well with the toxins being pumped into your body.

Cancer or no cancer, it’s always nice to be in the know as to what is in your beauty products and I have teamed up with Cure Diva to discuss Spring cleaning as to what is in that kit and caboodle, as well as their expert advice on what goes into the products of our typical everyday products.

It’s all relative and can be applied to just about anyone that looks after themselves in the beauty depot.

  1. Read the Label:
    • Use only hypoallergenic products, or those that don’t have harsh ingredients such as acids, emulsifiers, preservatives, fragrances, mineral oils, silicones, dyes or aminesYou want happier, more comfortable skin, so scan your products for these ingredients and restock your supplies with organic, chemical-free and sensitive items. has an entire line of facial natural and organic skin care.
  2. Moisturize:
    • To prevent dryness and cracked, uncomfortable skin, be sure to moisturize immediately after washing and toweling dry. This means:
      • For your body, apply moisturizer after the bath or shower
      • For your face, apply moisturizer in the morning and at night
      • For your hands, moisturize after washing many times during the day
      • For your lips, use a hydrating lip balm throughout the day
  3. Blemishes:
    • Yes, some chemo treatments can cause acne on the face and scalp. Even if you suffered from acne before, take another look at your old acne ointments. They usually contain salicylic acid, retinol, benzoyl peroxide and other harsh ingredients that further dry and irritate skin. Try more natural solutions like Acne Clarifying Serum by Nurture my Body and a mild, natural soap.
  4. SPF:
    • Although SPF is used in the summer outdoors, it should become a priority when in treatment. Chemo skin is super sensitive, especially to sun exposure which can cause lasting damage even in the winter. Wear sunscreen whenever you go out, and protect your skin with UV-protective clothing (hats, gloves, long sleeves). With skincare and beauty products, choosing an SPF version is best.
    • While it can be overwhelming to find products that are safe on skin and look and smell great, asking your doctor or a friend who has been through treatment is the best way to receive a referral. Websites like provide a great amount of information for those going through treatment to get the answers they need.
  5. Fingernail Care:
    • Some chemo drugs can cause finger and toenail damage. They become dry, cracked and may start lifting up. Apply cuticle balm and lots of hand cream. Checking out the label is relevant here. Switch to water-based nail color like CureDiva’s water-based nail polish by Acquarella which is my favorite when I’m dressing up!


Stay beautiful!


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Smoking Gun: How to Get the Perfect Smokey Eye With Maybelline New York


For most people a rock and roller smokey eye is best suited for after dark.  However, I am just the opposite, I am hysterical and I prefer smokey 24/7.  In fact, it is much more difficult for me to attempt the “natural” makeup look, as apposed to a heavier, more MAC inspired look, if not otherwise a classic red lip.

I am a firm believer that a smokey eye is a skill that every girl should have in their back pocket.  Many girls think that they have it down, but there’s a fine line between looking like a badass bitch or a raccoon.   The good news is, practice always makes perfect, if you haven’t already perfected the panda look. 💋

Here are my daily gothic steps:

  • Begin by priming your face, including your eyes.  Do not put your foundation/concealer/powder on prior to your eye makeup for this look.
  •  Utilize eyeshadow primer or an under eye concealer all over the top of your eye lid,  leading up to your brow bone.  This will act as a base coat for your smokey eyeshadow and will prevent the residue dust falling on your face throughout the day and ruining your beautiful makeup.
  •  Use a matte white or vanilla based eyeshadow as the primary base on your lid.  Brushing once again from the top of your eyelid to the bottom, utilize a liberal amount on the lower lids as it will allow for the black to be even more noir.
  • Using Maybelline Eyestudio ColorTattoo on the lower part of your lids, color from the crease line, to the lash line.
  •  Utilizing a blending brush, sweep Maybelline’s, The Rock Nudes Palette over the space  with the ColorTattoo.  Pressing and setting the eyeshadow will give you an extra dark and dramatic smokey look.
  • Sweep your under eyes with the Maybelline’s, The Rock Nudes Palette smokey eyeshadow and then the crease of your eyelid with the bronze color, to contour eyes your eyes for depth a  mysterious affect.
  • Curl and coat lashes to liking and boom!

You’re ready for your first rock solo.

Peace and love,

Britt x

I’ve Got 96 Prob’z:

And Four Makeup Looks Ain’t None





<Husband’s Style Steal coming soon>




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State of Mind: The Truth Behind This 90’s Look

Getting out of bed, showering and putting your face on can be a task in and of itself. Depending on the day, I become a martyr to my disease and slapping on a little maroon lippie can be an EVENT. But, what I have realized through my experience with cancer is that looking decent can have a perceptual affect on your state of mind. It’s all really a state of mind, isn’t it? Life, style, beauty. Everything.

Here are grungy truths behind this circa 1990’s look:


The truth is, I am about five weeks late. December and January proved to be some of the fullest months and keeping up with my Marilyn bomb blonde has been a tragedy. Fret not, my friends — all you have to do is step up your braid game and all of your hair procrastinations will come to a hault. Taking a page from the 90’s look, I utilized my exaggerated roots to my advantage and pinned a few small braids back. Perfect for a day or night look, but most importantly this adds a bit of edge to the chaos that is often my unkempt hair.



Moody makeup is essential for the grunge-era style, primarily being brown, black and maroon tones. NYX Lip Crème was the perfect go-to for a dark pout. The thing about this particular look is that it allows for both a dark lip and eye. To stick with the mood, I used the same NYX Lip Crème in Knockout on my lids and under my eyes. It’s the maroon version of “pink eye”. Sullen, shadowy cheek contouring, thick layers of mascara on the upper and lower lashes and a mad dash of eyeliner and the face is sealed.

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What made the scruffy 90’s so amazing is that you were able to take random pieces and wear them all together. Expending a queue from that particular fashion or anti-fashion, if you will, is what I live for. Getting away with a dead comfortable outfit, in addition to looking like one bad 90’s bitch,is a combo I will always appreciate. Each piece was already in my closet. Here’s the drop on some truths behind the look:

Sweater: Venice Beach Baja Sweater from a dive  kiosk — $10.00

Skirt: Black camisole, used as mini-max skirt

Tights + Shoes: Maroon H&M tights that have a ton of holes in them, but, who care because the black, lace up, combat boot covered all of the holes in my tights. Old boots $20.00.

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Whether my tights had holes in them, I was wearing old boots and a baja sweater, I felt on point and 90’s vibing simply because of my disposition.

Style is YOUR state of mind.


Britt x

Looking Good Means Feeling Better…💄

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  What one-person finds beautiful, another may not.  Beauty in things and people only exists in the mind that contemplates them.  I recently wrote a post about my freak accident in my DIY hair coloring experience and the loss of some of my hair.  Even though I was aware that using harsh chemicals during chemotherapy treatment was a huge “no-no”, my vanity prevailed me and I went ahead and dyed my hair despite the consequences that it may have.  I spent the remainder of that evening criminalizing myself over my vaingloriousness and my lack of consideration for my actions.

Finally after degrading myself to a self-proclaimed narcissist, I found my bravado and said to hell with it.   I realized it wasn’t a crime or a sin to crave making myself feel enhanced.  When one feels decent about themselves, particularly during chemotherapy, when there are so many exterior side effects, does not mean that they don’t deserve to feel fabulous on the outside while their insides are waging a war.

Clearly chemotherapy does a number on your interior, but the impacts that it has on your exterior can really do a number on your self-esteem.  It can range from hair loss, to fingernail loss, to dry, rashy and irregular pigmentation on your skin.  Of course not every person battling chemo has the same effects, but lately I have been noticing my skin has been the greatest target in the bull’s-eye that chemo goes after.

There was once a time when I wouldn’t leave the house without a full face of makeup.  Makeup was my safety net, my camouflage against the flaws I thought I had and that others would observe.  Once I was diagnosed with cancer and began chemotherapy, I noticed that I no longer cared about going out in public with a makeup-less face.  So be it if people didn’t find me visually appealing due to my lack of being gussied up.  I barely had the energy to get out of bed, let alone put myself together.  As time went on, I noticed that it was liberating to not feel the need to put makeup on for the sake of others, but in the same regard, I realized that getting ready made me feel better about myselfWhen I was dolled up, I felt less sick, at least from the outside.  I grasped that I couldn’t trivialize myself for wanting to keep up my appearance during illness. In fact, it gave me all the more ump to get up and look my best.  Now when I go to chemotherapy sessions, I make it my mission to look like a million bucks.

However, more recently the cause and effect of chemo has bequeathed itself upon my poor skin.  For a period of time I was going monthly to get facials and when filling out the paperwork where “health conditions” was required, I would hesitantly write “cancer” .  Once  they were aware of my condition, I was treated as though I had the plague and they were resistant on touching me with a ten foot pole.  Taking matters into my own hands, I decided that the commonly dark under eye circles, dry skin and irregular pigmentation was something I would have to tackle myself.  I began researching things that help to revive skin when going through chemo.  There are three key ingredients, SPF, creamy face wash with minimal chemicals and zero alcohol and a dewy daily and nightly moisturizer.  All things Aveno became my new best friend and go-to for my entire facial needs.  After some time, I slowly began to see results that my skin was coming back to life.  While I still have the dark under eyes from the chemo effects, my skin has become less dry and I overall feel better about myself with or without makeup because of my skin care rituals.

My point is, one must do what makes them feel good.  Whether it is being makeup free or putting on a full face, chemo girls must find what is right for them and do just that.  Beauty can be a very ambiguous term, but the way I see beauty is by being balanced from the inside out.  The makeup and skin regimen just helps me feel a little bit better about myself and allows me to confidently fight back against this cancer.  After all, the cancer is an epic battle and I will win it, with my full face of makeup on.  Looking good, means feeling better…💋

PS-  I recently read a great book called, “Beauty Pearls for Chemo Girls” written by Marybeth Maida and Debbie Kiederer, with a foreword by Betsey Johnson.  The writers are cancer survivors that first handedly saw the effects that chemo can have on one’s self-esteem with regards to feeling beautified.  This book provides TONS of advice as far as what to do about skin care, makeup, hair loss and stylish tips for those battling cancer and chemotherapy. 

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