R.I.P. – Martin Edge ♡

Martin Edge arrived on this earth as a shooting star. Buddha is legendary for saying, “The trouble is you think you have time.” However, since Martin’s first gasp of oxygen, he recognized that every breath was treasurable and that life was to be lived bravely and beautifully, valuing every twinkling moment. Fascinatingly enough Buddha played an important role in the later years of Martin’s life, as did many other things as Martin lived a packed existence, although he had limited time in the form of flesh and bones, he never let go of his high-spirited charm, tenderness and brilliance and any one who knew him can attest to that.

Martin was lucky enough to call two places home. Originally Birkenhead, England where he swiftly created his sense of humor as a small child and that catching smile that he had become known for. In typical Martin fashion it was a breeze to make mates because kids realized that he had a soft heart in a cruel world and that was strength and not a weakness. Needless to say when the Edge family moved from the UK to Canada, Martin knew that he had loads of friends and memories back home and that his time with them would never be lost for it was protected forever.

Through his forward motion attitude, it made him fit right in just in time for when he started his teen years in Canadian school. Being the special person that he was, he enchanted his peers with the traits that his English friends knew and loved him for. Martin was as genuine, real and raw as they come — a trait that sticks with you from your first breath to your last dying gasp. And the similarity is that just like time, not everybody has this intangible thing.

Graciously under the parental love of Mary and Geoff, Martin grew into a respectful man with many accolades to which made his family extremely proud. While working exceptionally hard, he didn’t waste any time to kick off his career and make a name for himself, as he had always done in school. It wasn’t long before Martin fostered a very proper profession, where he showcased a broad range of geniuses, even in his personal life. He knew more about Canadian and US politics than your average person and if you were to talk science with him you would get lost in his brilliance. Yet, what would really rev his engine was Formula 1 racing with his good friend Steve. He found what he loved and he loved it hard, all the while knowing that time was catching up.

Love flowed through like a raindrop landing on your cheek. It was beautiful, transparent and gentle. In return it was a common theme that Martin was universally loved back. Martin married his first wife, Janet and had two wonderful boys whom he saw the world through, Justin and Erik. Janet and Martin still considered one another close family after their marriage ended and Janet’s new husband was inclusive with the cohesiveness of the loving family they’ve all remained.

Martin, always relishing in the value of a moment and taking Buddha’s advise, he had a spiritual side to him. He understood that through meditation, if you were to quiet the mind, the soul would speak and this was something he shared with his sons Justin and Erik. This led them to form relationships with Buddhist Nuns in Maberly, Ontario where along with his two sons and their stepfather, Dave they helped build their Temple using natural stone. Outside of this being very mindful, it created a bond between the four of them that was unspeakable and the time spent building and taking part in this project built memories that will last for eternity.

As you can see, relationships were a very important part in Martin’s life, whether family, friends, co-workers or the man bagging his groceries. But, no one came to know his romantic side more than his second wife, Jill whom he met four years ago. He was lucky enough to find love in the knick of time and squeezed every last drop of life’s lemons to make the most delicious lemonade. Jill came to know Martin for all of his wonderful characteristics and loyally and lovingly remained by his side when he was diagnosed with cancer. Never leaving his side, they did their best to see the positive in every battle that lay in front of them and overcame the hurdles as a team. Being the fighter that he was they continued to go on adventures, travel and keep their love alive through sickness and in health. It was unspoken but understood that time was running out, but Jill never wavered her love for Martin, not for a single second.

It goes without saying that for the past two years Martin went through deep waters battling his illness — this heinous disease, that you wouldn’t wish upon your worst enemy. It is a nightmare. No one said it was easy, but no one said it would be this hard. Martin Edge’s time on earth concluded on May 23, 2016. He lived up to every moment in his life and was called home. If you could see what’s come over him then you would know that he’s walking free with the wind at his back and bathing in afterglow. And when his loved ones are called home, he’ll be waiting there saying it was only a matter of time until you met once again.

Rest in peace, dear Martin. You will be loved for the lifetimes to come.


Britt x

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