To Martin: Love, Britt x

How can you love someone you have never formally met? This is a question I ask myself tonight as I hang up the phone in tears, as my Nan on the other line tells me that a family friend is in hospice and his life on earth is coming to a close.

Martin, one of our dear friend’s sons from England who now lives in Canada was diagnosed with cancer not long after I was and we’ve been cheering each other on from afar, sending words of encouragement through our families and the interweb. He’s newly married to be a lovely woman, Jill and they’ve just returned from a quick holiday to Niagara Falls where they were able to helicopter over the area. Not long after Martin was placed into hospice care where his condition vanquished and from there his friends and family have surrounded him with love and tenderness.

Martin, although we have yet to meet in person, I love you from afar and you have embodied nothing but strength and resiliency. I wish you peace and light in knowing that your transition will be graceful and full of intention, much like the life you have led. With that I also wish your loved ones the power to overcome the pain that your absence will bring, the forgiveness that this horrendous disease evokes and the healing within their hearts, but most of all the power to recollect your beautiful life and soul. May your journey be picturesque and everything you imagine it to be. We will meet one day and when that day comes, I hope to embrace you in my arms and tell you just how much I love you.


Britt x

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