Dearest Mum: Happy Mum’s Day ♡

My Dearest Mum,

Thirty years ago at the age of nineteen you celebrated your first Mother’s Day. And, for thirty years you have been a brilliant mum day after day and should be acknowledged every day thereafter. As I am now an adult looking back on my childhood, I realize all of the sacrifices a young mum like yourself had to make to ensure that I had the best life possible — and you did a perfect, outstanding job. Although you were only nineteen and had to grow up very quickly, you were and still are the epitome of selfless and strong.

In many ways we grew up together, learning what life was all about, traveling the world and experiencing things for the first time with one another. Remember how we accidentally went to the nudist beach in the Caribbean? Swimming with the dolphins in Cabo? Or our road trip across America? Even being with family in England. We’ve done it all, my love and yet so many more adventures await us.

There is a bond between us that no one else will ever understand; you are the bones of my spine keeping me straight and true. My blood making sure it runs rich and strong and the beating of my heart. I cannot fathom a life without you.

Thank you for being my Mum and loving me unconditionally.   I chose you and I’d pick you a million lifetimes over.

Happy Mother’s Day, I love you.

Britt xx

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