Chemo Update: May the Fourth Be With Me 3.4

unnamedOver the course of the last three years I have soldiered on with my disease and the treatment that I have undergone.  Relentlessly sharing my tiresome journey, I have shared the ups and the downs with the the fair share of the battled downs and thoughts of death and what my future holds.  At twenty-seven, I wasn’t sure if I would live to see thirty, but everyday I thank my lucky stars that I have.  

This past January, I switched over to Mayo Clinic from my previous Oncologist after having a hysterectomy and a basketball sized tumor removed which was sitting on my uterus.  This being in addition to my existing colorectal cancer.

The transition to Mayo was a slow moving process and one that I was extremely resistant towards.  Just ask my husband, he will attest.  In fact, every time I would visit the new Doctor, I would quite literally pass out afterwards as a coping mechanism.  It was mentally and emotionally a lot for me to deal with, as I was very uncomfortable and scared to change my medical team.

Yet, I had absolutely zero quality of life.  My sleep schedule was entirely out of whack.  I would go three, sometimes four days without even so much as a wink of sleep.  The dependency I had on medical marijuana was out of control, not to mention depleting the bank account and I was bogged down, even somewhat unhappy — but then again sleep deprivation will do that to a person.  The first three chemotherapy rounds were extremely rough with Mayo, but they have tweaked each treatment until they finally got it right and viola! THEY DID IT!

The third round may not have been the charm, but the fourth certainly was.  My last  chemo was my very best round to date, since I have had this rotten cancer.  I feel the best I have ever felt.  In fact, I feel as though I don’t have cancer at all. Mayo has blown me away and I could not be more grateful to be afforded the opportunity to be under the care of such a wonderful team of Doctors, from my Oncologist, to the Psychologist and beyond.  It gives me a tremendous amount of hope for my future and what is to come.  Not to mention I am sleeping like a baby these days, not smoking medical marijuana and saving some money so I can SHOP! (jk– kind of).

Happy Friday, lovelies.

Love forever,

Britt xx

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