Fri[yay] Four Fashions: What’s Tired AF & What’s Next Level


Do you ever feel like you are in the middle of everything magical, but you are on the edge, knowing you need to let go and fall where you may?

When it comes to fashion I’m not really into rules.  In fact I am pretty liberal in most areas of my life and live by the motto, “if it makes you happy, it can’t be that bad.” You know, like the Sheryl Crow song.

But pressing on, where was I?  Oh yes!  Letting go of some of your favorite things, retiring things and understanding their expiration date.

I often have such a difficult time with this when it comes to fashion, as I mentioned earlier. Much like the Fight Club, the first rule of the Fight Club is there aren’t any.  Therefore, my spectrum of what I am daring to try is far and wide.  Yet, I still hold on to some of the fifteen minute trends that I feel need to be retired pronto and I thought I’d take up my soap box somewhere and #BSMHB seems fitting.

Here is my list of four fashion related things that are TIRED and need to say buh-bye this year, along with the alternatives for 2016.  Get on it, gorgeous ones!



                                     – VS –

✘ Statement Necklaces –  I get it.  I was there once too, and all over it.    They are fun and can add a bit of spunk to an otherwise blasey outfit. But, the crown jewel replicas have had their moment and they need to take a break and come back in another century.

Less is more, go with a simple understated necklace or a few simple necklaces.  Or a  simple choker, depending on the outfit.  


                                  – VS –

✘ Wedge Sneakers –  I mean if you own(ed) these, then I am sorry.  But then again, you owned them.  So, you should be the one apologizing.  Need I say more?  Only joking.  But, in all seriousness — retire those puppies.  No excuses.  They are right up there with Crocs.

Trainers.  You know, Adidas Originals — they look cute with a little dress, skirt, shorts, jeans or anything else that suits your fancy, not to mention comfort without looking ridiculous in sneaker wedges.


                                      – VS –

 ✘ Ring Finger – painting a different color than the rest of your nails.  It’s cute, but it’s very circa 2010 at this point.

 Again, the more simple, the better.  Neutral tones, mauves and terracotta colors will be the color trends of 2016. PROMISE!


                                    – VS –

Metallic tattoos. I’m all for metallics and if they were the real deal, I’d probably contemplate getting one.  But, they’re not.  So really in the end, you’re just a grown ass adult walking around with a false tat.  Weird and no thanks.  

Replace the money you waste on those God awful temporaries and buy flair.  They add a pep to any outfit without looking like a juvenile (well, kinda).  They are fun.  I have a ton, but my faves are from Jar of Buttons;  Dolly Parton, Queen Elizabeth, Amy Winehouse, Beyonce and so on!

If you own, or still wear any of my “OUTS,” please do not take any offense.  This is all personal opinion.  At the end of the day material items and looks do not make people, but it sure can be fun to play around with fashion — whatever your style is, OWN it!


Love forever beauties,

Britt x

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