Buzzin’: A Nod to Sinéad O’Connor

Life is short, talk is cheap — so I did it.  I buzzed the hell out of my hair (or Steve did,rather). We were able to capture it on film, as well as audio and I’ll be sharing them both separately.

It was a tough call as to whether or not I should take the risk of buzzing my hair.  I’m extremely vain at times and wasn’t sure if I’d feel feminine enough.  But, this morning after pulling out a glob of hair out, I knew it was a CHOICE that I wanted to make.  A choice that I decided upon because I didn’t want to have to deal with globs and globs every day.  I want control.



Britt x

2 thoughts on “Buzzin’: A Nod to Sinéad O’Connor

  1. Britt, I know exactly what you mean. I also made the choice to shave my head when I started chemo. I wanted to have control over at least one thing! Like Steve, Larry did it for me. He came into the bathroom and asked me what in the world I was doing. I thought it was obvious but I replied, Shaving my head. He said I wasn’t doing a very good job and took over. Unlike you it was not a pretty sight! A great wig took care of that and while I wore it I never had another bad hair day. You are one fantastic young woman and I am sure so uplifting to a lot of people. Stay strong! Luv u Barb

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  2. Britt,I too know that aweful feeling of clumps of hair falling out,and the decision of bussin it off.But it wasnt as bad as I had expected,just another phase in our cancer journey. And you,girlie,look amazing with your buzz!! love you Britt…stay strong,stay positive xoxo

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