Color Your World: #DIY Lipstick 💋


I feel by this point, if you are following along on my journey, then you are aware that I am the least domestic person on the face of the planet.  Outside of interior decor, nothing else interests me in “home making” —  cooking, cleaning, or anything else that involves “domestic duties”.  The kitch is definitely not my bitch and the only time I spend time in that general vicinity is if I am up in the night, pacing due to my erratic insomnia.

Recently I have been indulging in the new trend of adult coloring books.  Many family members and friends have gifted them to me to help fill my time, while I’m bound to my bed during chemo.  With that I now I have a new collection of crayons and colored pencils.  Something I haven’t owned for years upon years. Yet, they’ve come in handy when I’ve needed to delve into my focus zone and color the day away.  But, a month or so ago during one of my insomniac episodes, I decided I’d try to make “colorful” lipstick out of some of the said crayons.

Does that count as a domestic, being that it involves the kitchen?  

Either way, I was very pleased with my little midnight DIY result, for incorporating funky lippie colors into my world and I want to bring color into yours as well!


What you will need:

♡  Crayons

♡  Coconut Oil

♡  Pot/Pan

♡  Small Bowl


♡  Cut and peel crayon(s)

♡  Add water to pot or pan and heat on low

♡  Place bowl in pot of water

♡  Add coconut oil and chopped crayon of desired color to the bowl

♡  Stir until melted completely

♡  Place directly in small container (with cap), allow your new to lippie harden



“Color your world with the chaos of trouble…” – Belle and Sebastian 


Britt x

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