B.K.O. for #BSMHB


As some of you may have noticed, I ditched the effort of my daily memory blogs. But, it hasn’t been all for nothing – I promise, promise!  In fact, Be Still My Heart Blog has been undergoing a little facelift.  If you wish to peruse the FAQ section, it will answer some things there.  Otherwise, they have this crazy high-tech contact page on the new site (big techy, I am) and you can drop a line there, as well.   Joining my creative forces within all areas of my life, #BSMHB will be the new hub for all things lifestyle related:

CANCER + Design + LIFESTYLE + LoveGoals + PHOTOGRAPHY + Projects + TRAVEL  

Please pardon the maintenance while the site is getting a much needed makeover and enjoy the first part of the B.K.O. for #BSMHB project.  This came about, as at any given time there are a thousand “notes” on my iPhone of words I string together and don’t end up using in my writing material.  Words should never go to waste (((and))) my iPhone could use the extra storage space.  Hope this first text photo tickles your fancy and continue to check back for updates on the blog and the memories I have yet to share, amongst a ton of other great, new content!  Follow the blog, Insta and Pinterest for more picture treats and feel free to share away!

Speak soon,

Britt x

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