#SquadGoals has been one of the most popular hashtags over the course of the summer. It’s pretty self-explanatory, however the public and media outlets alike want the #SquadGoals to come to a screeching halt. Some see it as other’s flaunting, making a statement of how “cool” they are, as well as their friends. There hasn’t been this much “girl power” since the 90’s, when the Spice Girls took over the world and Social Monarq is on its way to spreading the same cause.

So what do we think of #SquadGoals you might ask?

Well, what a great question! There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with following the meaning behind the new word combination, which Taylor Swift famously promotes, going as far as taking her squad around the world with her on tour. Enjoying the company of girlfriends that display that level of support is generally the cure to all that ails you, so why not stand proud and show it off. After all, it is the best kind of encouragement that you could ask for, not to mention a fun time. Women should never be pitted against one another, ever!

Social Monarq is unlike anything else, bringing strong, loyal and brilliant women together across the country in an effort to create the ultimate girl squad. Accomplished women now have the opportunity to seek out real, genuine friendships from those in their area and beyond. Whoever doesn’t agree with the “more the merrier” mentality should really hop on board. It will do you a bit of good and the vibrations toward making new friends can only bring a greater sense of community, leaving you with inspiration from the babes you are destined to unite with.

Having said that, share with us your favorite #SquadGoals picture and tag @socialmonarq on Instagram! Pay no mind to the anti-squad, ladies and build your own girl gang by joining the Social Monarq movement, where the most fabulous women connect. Imagine the friendships that can blossom with the magnificent and vivacious fellow Monarq’s.

#SquadGoals and #GirlPower for #LIFE!


Britt Ochoa

Social Monarq Ambassador/Writer | Phoenix, AZ

JOIN:  http://www.monarq.co

Love, Britt x

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