A Quick Hello…

The second I was diagnosed with cancer, my life was forever changed and I was a part of the cancer world; doctors, sickness, sacrifice, resilience, sadness and most of all the incredible bonds with people that you may have otherwise not known. That’s the blessing in it all, meeting individuals fighting a similar struggle and truly, 100% understanding that person and their soul.

In the last few weeks, three very impactful people lost their lives to cancer. Words cannot express the sorrow that cancer and death has brought to their families, who are now also a part of the cancer world, forever. Naturally it has made me gain some perspective, even inspiring me to pray to the entity that is my God. I hadn’t connected with my faith since being diagnosed, particularly talking to the person upstairs. I know it should all make sense someday, but I can assure you, it certainly doesn’t at the moment.

However, the loss of these three lovely souls has stimulated me to spend my time wisely and freely here on Earth, truly live life the fullest. In the last two weeks, despite chemo and feeling unwell, I have evolved into a stronger person than I was weeks before. Firstly, I celebrated my twenty-ninth Birthday with all of those I love and adore and felt the upmost appreciation for the gift of aging. Lets be real, twenty-nine is scary, it’s the end of an era and there are no more excuses of being irresponsible or spending your rent check on a pair of Chanel pumps. When I think back through my twenties, I realized how much life I lived within in the parameter of those essential years. Having said that it only seemed natural to ensure that my twenty-ninth year of life goes off with a bang and in spite of my circumstances, have the best fucking time ever. Make it count.

With this new wheel in motion, I have expanded my horizons, put myself in some necessary, yet uncomfortable situations and survived, not to mention, was a part of a great cause via the Colon Cancer Alliance and raised money and walked the Colon Cancer Undy5k. It was our second year of being a part of this wonderful, championed group of people standing up to Colon Cancer. Seeing all of the faces of my peers battling the same disease and doing it with everything they have was an amazing thing to be a part of and the Undy5k is now something that my friends, family and overall supporters will do year after year. A cure is possible and so is life.

Cancer can make things really difficult and there are days that you don’t want to wake up, you want it all to be over. But, in the end death is a part of life and evolution, we’re each here for a purpose and to make the most out of the precious time we have here.

To my friends who have lost their battle, may you rest in peace and may you be in a state of pure nirvana. Thank you for the life you brought to all of those around you and the impact you may have never realized that you had.

To my family, friends and supporters across the globe; thank you for the constant encouragement and going on this journey with me. I am happy to say, “#TeamBritt “ came in the top ten of the Undy5k in terms of what was raised. What would I do without all of you? Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Here’s a few pics from the Undy5k.  Talk soon. xx

Undy5k 2014

Undy5k 2014


Undy5k 2014

For more pictures of the 2014, 7th annual Colon Cancer UndyRUN 5K please visit:


Love, Britt x

3 thoughts on “A Quick Hello…

  1. Love all the pictures and thank you for all the up dates, and to tell you, your still in my prayer’s. God Bless Britt
    Love always
    Mama,Papa and uncle Paul


  2. Britt once again you have proved to me how wonderful you are !! I am so very proud of you !! You are the strongest bravest person I know !! You are so right everyone should enjoy each day as it comes and be kind to each other I love you Britt you are my ray of light my SUNSHINE xxx


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