Be Still My Heart Blog Turns 1 Today! 🎈

Be Still My Heart Turns 1 Today

Hello strangers!

I know, I know…I’ve been a ghost, out of site, out of mind and the worst “blogger” in all the land. I haven’t forgotten about my favorite place to share all of my deep seeded, at times crazy and bare boned thoughts –or my lovely readers for that matter!

There has been a slew of things going on with me; some happy, joyful things and some not so fabulous things. This week specifically is a big week for me in terms of finding out some important news pertaining to my health.

However, due to my over active, zapped brain, I can’t formulate a straight thought to save my life. At this time, the back of my eyelids are looking pretty good. Once I have a moment for my brain to catch up with my thoughts, I solemnly swear for a good ol’, juicy blog update.

Yet, I couldn’t conclude the day without saying HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY to Be Still My Heart Blog! 🎈

I’ve come to admire this blog so much and BSMHB has allowed me to connect to incredible people, allowed me to share my thoughts freely and has been there for me during the darkest moments of my young life.

Thank you all for being loyal readers and supporters and a BIG Happy 1st Birthday to my, baby,

Be Still My Heart Blog.

Love, Britt x

2 thoughts on “Be Still My Heart Blog Turns 1 Today! 🎈

  1. Happy Anniversary to your baby!! 🙂 Love your writing, as always, and looking forward to the next update! Now go close those peepers and count those sheepers!! Lol

    Lots of love ♡ Marcia Chacon and Mario’s Army


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