Stupid Cancer- “Get Busy Living”

The young cancer epidemic can be quite daunting. Just when young adults are getting themselves prepared for their future into adulthood, i.e.- education, career, relationships, they are grossly impaired once the discovery of cancer has been made in their young bodies. Many things can be affected when it comes to cancer in young adults and a large amount of sacrifices have to be made. For me personally, I have had to put my life on hold and with the possibility that it will never get back on the same track again according to my career goals, family plan and overall setup of my young life. Since being diagnosed in July of 2013, I have had to give up my position with a wonderful Fortune 500 Company, a position that was nearly ten years in the making as I had been with the Company since I was nineteen years old. I had somewhat of a cushy position, a work at home position, one that I revered highly and worked hard to get. In addition to having to forgo my career, I have also had to put my education on the back-burner, when I had just one year left until graduation. Seemingly, these are all replaceable things when it comes to the importance of your health and life, however nonetheless important if you have spent nearly a decade trying to get to where you once were.

As I further along in my “cancer career”, I realize that young adult cancer and the awareness needs to be at the forefront of the medical world. We are talking about the generation “now”, who is responsible for birthing the generation of tomorrow. Many times, young adults are diagnosed with cancer at a late, already aggressive stage. This can then lead to problems with infertility as well as lifelong residual symptoms of the toxins dumped into the body in an effort to keep the cancer at bay or gone completely.

I have mentioned before that since my diagnosis, it is difficult for cancer to not consume your world, as you live and breathe it daily and go through the tumultuous motions and emotions that comes with the toll. Naturally, since my world has been turned up side down, I am determined to not only fight for my life, but bring awareness and attention to the risks in young adult cancers. It is my mission to advocate for others and myself that medical awareness, even as a young adult is extremely important and most of all entirely necessary.

Often times those who are effected by young adult cancers have a late stage diagnosis, as well as life threatening stakes as many young adults fail to get proper screenings until symptomatically they are forced to go to the Doctors. This then leads to assertive treatment, which then contains many after effects. Through my many hours of research on young adult cancer, I stumbled across a website specifically for the cause; Stupid Cancer is dedicated to young adult cancer, awareness, resources, tools and a bevy of helpful implements. Moreover, it is wonderful to connect with other young adults suffering from cancer and who are busy living despite their prognosis.

Stupid Cancer holds a convention each year and also offers meet up’s throughout the country; in an effort that the cancer patients can stand up to cancer with one another and no one has to go at it alone. Just watching the below video gave me the boost I need to get up on my feet and declare war against my cancer and my peer’s cancer. We can all learn from one another and help one another through the process; if there is a will, there is a way!

Additionally, there will be a Stupid Cancer Convention called OMG2014, which will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada on 04/25-04/27.  If you would like to register please visit OMG2014 Summit.  “The 7th Annual OMG! Cancer Summit for Young Adults is the premier oncology conference and social networking event for the young adult cancer movement. The largest gathering of its kind, OMG2014 will bring together hundreds of survivors and caregivers to connect, get educated, build community and unite to drive the change we wish to see.”


Britt x

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