Chemo Round 7- 11/22/2013 VLOG

What a busy week!  Nearly every day this week has been consumed with Doctor’s visits and/or Emergency Room appearances.  Fortunately, even though Doctor’s office trips have taken up most of my week, I have received nothing but excellent news, which I am so delighted to share.  As mentioned in my VLOG, I passed the ECHO/Stress test with flying colors and the CT scan of my heart came back normal.  That said, the Doctor’s have determined that my heart/chest pains is a direct correlation to the Avastin.  Having said that, they put me on a specific type of medication to offset the residual effects of the Avastin and it worked successfully this week during chemo, as I had zero heart and chest pains.  Second to that good news, I saw my Oncologist today and my tumor markers have continued to be on the decline, going from 15 to 10.4.  What this means in the “cancer world” is that the chemo is working!  Holla!  Such a fantastic week, with great news.  Thanks as always for all of the good vibes, prayers and thoughts…it’s all working!


Britt x

3 thoughts on “Chemo Round 7- 11/22/2013 VLOG

  1. It was a busy week but a good one !! If anyone can beat this it will be you Britt . You are something very special !! I love you so much Nan xxx


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