UNDY 5000 – Team Britt Ochoa!

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Words cannot describe how appreciative I am for all of the donations and friends/family that have signed up for the UNDY 5000 on this upcoming Saturday, November 16th.  We are very close to our goal.  The walk is sponsored by the Colon Cancer Alliance and is a unique 5K taking place in Phoenix, AZ, where participants are encouraged to run/walk in boxers, in an effort to bring awareness to Colon Cancer.  The fundraising efforts are put towards Colon Cancer research and has reached over a million dollars in fundraising in 2013.

If you would like to participate and/or donate towards the cause, you may do so by going to:

UNDY 5000– Team Britt Ochoa

Thank you again for all of the support, you are all BRILLIANT!  Pics to come from Saturday’s event!


Britt x

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