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In mathematics, twenty-eight is known as a perfect number.  It does not define itself with an aliquot number, but rather a harmonic devisor number.  Today, I am twenty-eight.  With adequate reason, I found myself unsure that I would live to see twenty-eight, as twenty-seven proved to be a monumental query of my impermanence.

When I turned twenty-seven, I aged without a worry in the world; a defiance that beseeched life and the way I was living it.  When I pictured twenty-eight, I envisioned myself continuing on the same path that I had for so long; working the regular 9-5, surrounding myself with the same people, wavering at the thought of starting a family and enjoying the last few years of my twenties.  Unlike my visualization, my foresight could not have been further from actuality.

As I turn twenty-eight, I am not mourning the loss of my early twenties, or the thought of getting older or getting closer to my thirties.  Contrariwise, I am embracing this Birthday, unlike any other Birthday that came before it.  I am happy to be maturing and  welcoming the blessing of a Birthday means that I have survived yet another year of life.  Mid-way through age twenty-seven, I was unsure that come November 5th, I’d be here to accept twenty-eight with gratitude and awareness as to just how precious life can be.

So, as I enter my twenty-eighth year on this glorious planet I wish many things for myself and others.  I wish for happiness, rooted not in materialism, but in self-reliance and gratitude.  I wish for success, determined by how I affect those around me, above me and especially beneath me.  I wish to never relinquish curiosity and wonder at the world, along with the wide-eyed amazement to replenish the process as I “grow up”.  I wish for perseverance for a never-ending making of a better tomorrow.  I wish to never forget the value of empathy, imagination and compassion.  I wish for many wide and deep experiences that shake up my supposed beliefs, my supposed fears and my supposed success.  I welcome hardships, but appropriated with resilience and ultimately, I wish for love and health for my loved ones and myself.  Cheers to another Birthday…twenty-eight, here I am. 🎉


Britt x

4 thoughts on “XXVIII 🎈

  1. Happy birthday sunshine hope you had a great day with your Mum .your blogg was fab. I rember those photos like it was yesterday .love you loads Nan xxxx


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