Boot, Scoot and Boogy…🚦

Ahh, to be back amongst the living and the interweb.  It’s been over a week since we’ve had cable and the internet, since moving to our new condo.  Thankfully, the trusty cable man turned up today and connected us back with the world.  What did we do before technology?

Nevertheless, with our abundance of free time, Steve and I have been practicing on the new Vespa and I think I finally mastered it as of yesterday.  You can view some clips of my newly mastered obsession.

Updates from my last chemo session:

The Avastin, the new cocktail they introduced last week has left me feeling pretty decent, with the exception of flu like symptoms and skin sores on my head.  I feel as though my head is covered in a thousand bug bites, they are killer.  But, if that’s the worst of it, then I’ll take it.

I’m feeling a lot more alive and in good spirits since my last VLOG and post.  Last Wednesday was by far one of the darkest days of my life.  Quite scary and eye opening to realize that your mind and spirit can sink to such a low place.  Luckily, I have the world’s best supporters and felt like myself the very next day.

Now that I am back online, I will post more this week.  I am going with my Mum to Prescott, Arizona to visit a Native American spiritual guide, whom told me when I was just 17 that at 27 something life altering would happen to me.  That said, I am interested in hearing what she has to say, as well as get some much needed one on one time with my lovely Mum.

Speak soon xx


Britt x

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