Chemo Survival Guide: Part ➊

Chemo Survival Guide-Part One

Having just made it through my second round of chemo, I am certainly not an expert, but have been provided helpful tips and tricks along the way to make it a little less tormented:

➊  Colgate Peroxyl:

Unfortunately chemotherapy and mouth sores go hand in hand.  STOMATITIS being the official name, can cause a great deal of discomfort.  The sores are brought upon due to the chemo treatment working it’s magic to kill the most rapidly growing cells.  Some of those cells happen to be the cells that line the inside of your mouth.  Colgate Peroxyl has been my best friend since receiving my very first, painful little friend.  The mouthwash cleans and alleviates discomfort.  HIGHLY recommend!


Good ol’ fashioned, Carmex is my second best friend these days.  Aside from the obsession with the smell of Carmex, it also assists to ensure that your lips are continuing to stay moisturized regularly.  Much like the stomatitis, chemo can cause your lips to get very chapped, causing a great deal of unpleasantry.  Good ol’ fashioned, Carmex does the trick!


Before beginning my chemo treatments, several friends and family members recommended lavender scents (of any kind) to be placed around your house.  This assists when you are feeling naseous and somehow the magical smell of lavender helps a ton.  I have about 50 lavender candles, oils and mists right now and each seem to help against feeling sick to my stomach.  Also, on the plus side, lavender smells quite lovely!

➍ Gloves/Mittons:

One of the most instantaneous side effects to chemo treatment is sensitivity to cold.  While I seldom have the issues drinking anything mildly cold, I do have issues holding the glass.  It feels like I am being electrocuted and that is where the gloves come in handy.  It may seem silly, but it will make you more comfortable when you are trying to drink something that is not extra hot or room temperature.  Plus, it’s a good excuse to buy a cute pair of gloves!

***Please note, none of the above mentioned products are affiliated or sponsored by Be Still My Heart Blog***


Britt x

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