∞ Life’s Too Short: 5 THINGS ∞

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We’ve all said it more times than we can count, “life’s too short…” However, life also happens and it is very difficult to set time aside from our busy lives to do what makes us truly happy.

Question for you- if the Doctor told you that you had six months to live, what would you do differently?

Being that I am in a cancerous blunder at the moment, I can’t help but fear that the Doctor is going to relay that news each time I see her.  I know she isn’t, of course, but stranger things have happened.  With that said, it got me to thinkin’…what would I do differently starting now?

Here are a few items that I summoned up and I am making it a personal challenge to uphold myself to standing by them:

1:  Throw away the “bucket list

Instead of talking about the proverbial “bucket list”, scratch that and get a “TO-DO” list.  That’s right, just like the to-do’s of “today I must clean” or “pick up the dry-cleaning”.   Switch it up and incorporate things on your to-do list that you simply must do, i.e.- skydive over the Grand Canyon or eat an exotic food.   DO IT.  Put it on that “TO-DO” list and make it a priority instead of an option

   2:  Pick your battles

It’s so simple to get caught up on every little thing that you find annoying .  Not to mention, maintaining the decency to not scream from the rooftops can be difficult to say the least.  If someone or something is getting on your nerves wish them love and light and then get back to that important TO-DO list of yours!

 3.  Smile at everyone, they’ll think you’re crazy

The truth is, you never know the battle that somebody else is facing.  A smile can change the world (sounds cheesy, I know).  If I were in my last few moments of life, I would smile at as many people as possible, so that I may die knowing that I may have brought a smile or happiness to at least one person’s face in return.  Besides, if the worst they can think is that you are crazy then so be it.  Better to be crazy and smiling than crazy and frowning.

 4:   Stop and smell the roses, the rain and freshly cut grass

Roses, rain and freshly cut grass; three of my all time favorite smells.  They each put me in the BEST mood.  But, my point here is that you should stop to do what you love, even if it’s something mediocre and small.  One of my favorite things to do on a Saturday is go to the flower shop and buy myself fresh flowers (now if only it would rain immediately after and then someone would cut the lawn.)  But, it’s just a little something I do, just for me and it brings me the utmost happiness. 

5:  Tell them…

In a less-creepy sort of way, tell the people in your life how you feel about them (daily).  All jokes aside, we never know what tomorrow brings; therefore, if you love someone tell them.  It’s plain and simple.  Always leave that person(s) knowing how you feel about them…just in case you never have the opportunity to tell them again.


 I hope this has some juices flowing and you can start to think of things you’d do differently.  I encourage you all to think about it and start today, for tomorrow is not always promised.


Britt x

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