Lasting Luck ♥


Well, what can I say?  How can one be so luckless, yet lucky at the same time?  Here I lie, with my predetermined outcome of being too young for cancer (isn’t everyone though?) and what I consider to be an ill-fated turn of events.  Then on the flip side, I have been blessed with the good fortune of an amazing friend, confidant and sister from another mister.

Over this past weekend, my best lady, childhood friend and partner in crime concocted a plan to fly from her home in Sacramento to Phoenix, all in an effort to surprise little old me.  Let me start off by saying that, Crystal, my best friend with whom I am going to gush about for the next few minutes, is getting married in less than two weeks.  TWO WEEKS!  Visibly, she is a remarkable mate for that alone!  Anyone who has planned a wedding knows that the last two weeks can be the most frenzied period in your life.  Low and behold, this incredible, yet sneaky woman pulled off her plan and it brought me to tears of utter joy and delight.

After the heart palpitations stopped from my jaw dropping shock, she whisked me away to go dress shopping so I could find something to wear on her special day.  Crystal has been the most simple of brides and although I am her matron of honor, she hasn’t tasked me out with any unruly, bridezilla like duties.  In fact, she has been so low maintenance that when it came to picking out the dress I would be wearing in and to her wedding, she let me have full rein.  As luck would have it, we were able to find the perfect dress! In suit of wedding activities, I was also able to uphold MOH ventures and throw an impromptu Bridal Shower, which turned out to be practically perfect in every way.  Purposely waiting for Crystal’s wedding, my chemotherapy isn’t set to begin until the week I get back from Tahoe, where the wedding will take place.   Willingly, I will be able to have one last hoorah before my low level toxin begins.

The weekend was spent in merriment of anticyclones, with little room to reflect on my cancerous state.  Taking a trip down memory lane through childhood pictures was the right amount of nourishment for the soul, making me realize that I have known Crystal longer than I haven’t known her.   We’ve shared a friendship that lasts longer than most marriages and inside jokes that could fill pages of a book.  Two decades of companionship has been more than luck; it’s been a godsend.  My point is, although I consider myself to be quite unfortunate with my current situation, I couldn’t be more privileged to have such an inspiring person in my life.  There is not a medication in the world that could have been as good as the company I received this weekend!

Crystal, “To the world you may be just one person, but to one person you may be the world.”  I love you more than life and thank you for your paramount surprise.  Let the countdown to Tahoe begin…


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